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Panda 3D pop up card

$10.00 AUD

The black cover features a captivating scene, a lovable panda bear eating its favourite snack: bamboo. Once opened a happy Panda Bear holding a bamboo treat emerges from the centre. Bamboo leaf embellishments and a stream of water surround the 3D panda.

This greeting card goes way beyond an occasion. Give the Panda Bear Card to your sweetheart who's crazy for Pandas on their birthday or Valentine's Day. An excellent gift for your conservationist friends to celebrate their contributions and dedication to preserving Panda Bears' habitats. Chinese friends would be delighted to receive a pop-up of one of China's natural treasures.

The card size is 15cm X 18cm (5.9 x 7 inches) and comes supplied with an envelope. This card requires two standard stamps to post within Australia.